View westwards from Nord Koster Bohuslän is considered the best of Scandinavian sailing and diving waters and is visited by thousands of boats in the summer. The coastline consists of numerous fiords and skerries with deep waters in between. The clear salt water holds a variety of fish, crabs, lobsters and seaweed. Learn about the nature here from our local outpost Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory. Mjölskär beacon
The pink rocks of polished granite appear north of Lysekil, where our trip started. A warm breeze from aft pushed our boat gently outside the coastline around Hållö, Soten towards Hamburgsund, a narrow passage with well kept wooden houses and a cosy restaurant. The following day gave us a nice swim in crystal clear water. We crossed the Koster sound to Ramsö. Curious seals followed our hull. Ursholmen twin light towers Ursholmen is an islet surrounded by shallow underwater rocks. We bumped our keel into one but found the tricky way into the natural harbor. The rock has strange black diabase streaks in pale granite. The lighthouses must be the westernmost buildings in Sweden! The crew of several families used to live here. I am actually a member of the supporter club.
Inger K giving way to the big ship Strömstad is the northernmost town in Sweden facing the Skagerak. Big ferries cross over to Sandefjord in Norway. The marina is full of boats carrying the Norwegian flag. On the quay is the railway terminal and our friends Tord & Inger A arrived while Inger K departed. We immediately set off for Norway and never noticed the border of the European Union. We followed the outside fairway beyond Herføl, Lauer, Akerøya, to Andholmarne on Vesterøy. We found shelter inside a rock and cooked a nice evening meal. The only annoyance was the lad driving around his motored dinghy until late night. Dwellings for the light crew of Ursholmen
Images: Gunnar Nyström Page edited 2005/07/23