Furs cling to the granite walls of the fiord Hankø is the old sailing hub in Norway. The royal family has a summer house Bloksberg high on the rock here, overlooking a sheltered fiord. We met a stately yacht in the entrance and promptly saluted what I believe was the sailing king Harald and his crew. He has just won the IMS European Championship Gotland Runt with his 53 foot Fram XV. We went ashore and strolled for a while in the lush park with tennis courts, a spa, some old summer houses and beautiful horses. Hankø with its royal reception
The black rock of Missingen island creates a natural harbor in the midst of Oslofjorden. The island is of volcanic origin and very different from all others. The island has no dwellings but an archaic signal post on top of the mountain for shipwrecked sailors. Someone tried not to miss Missingen in the dark... Read the story We tied up against an eight meter rock wall, so steep that Inger got scars when climbing. We spent the night there, and after an early breakfast we hoisted the mainsail in the harbor, left the channel in a following wind, turned south, fought our way through shallows on either side and finally entered fair waters.
Tord the helmsman & Inger A We went close to the wind with reefed sails inside Systrarne, two likewise black islands with only birds as inhabitants. It was a bright day, few yachts out, and in four hours we had covered the 20 Nm distance to Koster. We had not spent one Krone in Norway (which is good, as it is dearer then the Swedish).
s/y MaDame resting against the rock wall The yacht Ma Dame is 30 ft long and 10 ft wide and normally carries 50 m² of sails. The Scampi was constructed by Peter Norlin and my boat was built 1980. Inside is a diesel engine, a gas oven, five berths and a warming brass lamp. There is a Swedish user association Scampiförbundet. Our conclusion regarding yachtlife in Bohuslän is that the Norwegians have the bigger boats, most popular are the Bavarian yachts, while the Germans themselves buy our home-made Hallberg-Rassy. The Danes are the toughest sailors, arriving in slender sporty yachts of all ages. Flowers of Purple Loose-Strife (Lythrum salicaria), in the mild climate of Koster
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