Väderö is a former pilot and lighthouse outpost Fjällbacka archipelago has a history of herring fishing, shipping and granite quarry as displayed in Swedish on the Fjällbacka website. Today it is the most favoured of part Bohuslän for watersports and summer leisure. A strange monument of stone is Björnåsen next to Musön. Resembling Stonehenge, it was built not long ago from scrapstone left scattered in local quarries on the island. Some are masterly built, others seem piled up by children. You are invited to work! MaDame resting at Björnåsen rock
Väderöarna is an archipelago of two hundred skerries about seven nautical miles west of Fjällbacka. The seabed is littered with shipwrecks and is rich of water plants and animals, as shown in Projekt Väderöarna. There are two harbors, the extremely narrow and protected former pilot's pond, and a natural passage on the west side of the island Storön. We took a swim and had a rich shrimps meal at the café. The sun was burning, boats and seagoing kayaks kept coming into the inlet at noon, when we departed for Bovallsstrand. A swell and a strong breeze took us inwards southeast, to once again exchange members of our crew.
Back in our summer cottage, Inger K serves a fancy meal Sote kanal is a three nautical mile long canal built 1930-35 to make it possible for small ships to avoid the unruly waters outside the island. You have to beware of a swing bridge, but the operator seems to prefer boats to cars as we got the green wave. We passed the mighty Kung Tryggves Hög which is a viking grave overlooking the land and sea. More images.
s/y Ma Dame makes her best, inclining 20° After ten days onboard it was nice to be at home on Skaftö . My friends are a wonderful crew. We saw those guys driving out in daycruisers and parking them conveniently with the help of motorized anchor capstan and bow propeller. The idea of buying a new machine and trying it out with the aid of telesupport seems to have replaced attendance to tedious schools of sailing and seamanship. On the VHF radio we could hear people calling the The Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS), which is a masterpiece of organization and volunteering. Honeysuckle is the emblematic flower of Bohuslän, lobster is the finest seafood
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