Main Street of Northampton Northampton is a town of about 29 000 inhabitants in the Pioneer Valley, defined by the Connecticut River. Northampton is located 93 miles west of Boston, 30 miles north of New Haven and 151 miles from New York. The settlement was established on the sloping hills overlooking the plains of Hadley, and the Town of Northampton (then Nonotuck) was granted its Charter in 1654. There are many old houses preserved in the town center, and the restaurants in town are noted for a diversity of gourmet styles. The town is governed by a council and a mayor. The area is 35.6 square miles (92.2 sq km). Learn more about present Northampton and Historic N. Faculty housing
Smith College is the largest of US liberal arts colleges for women, founded in 1871. There are around 2700 students, most of them living in or around campus, and 285 professors in 37 academic departments. Visit Smith website to get the Smith feel.The campus today encompasses 125 acres (50.6 hectares) with more than 100 academic, administrative, residential and maintenance buildings, many of diverse and outstanding architectural quality. The campus layout is unusually lively, including a botanical garden overlooking the "Paradise Pond", so named by Jenny Lind. Learn more about liberal arts colleges!
Mill River has fine walks alongside New England is a generic name for the states in northeastern US, with old links to Europe. Today this is an area well worth visiting for its beautiful nature and richness of American historical sites. It is also a dynamic region of intellectual activity, with a number of outstanding universities. See the amount of educational institutions in New England.
Hillyer is the building of the Arts Department Arts Department of Smith is housed in a joint building named The Brown Fine Arts Center. A well stocked library and an image center supports studies and research. Adjacent to this is the Smith College Museum of Art, with a collection of more than 25,000 works of art.
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The Mendenhall Center for the Performing Arts, interior
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