Study visit to Kolkata Municipal Corporation Oct 2008 Integrated Urban Planning is a SIDA International Training Programme. The objective is to strengthen and develop the capability of high-level decision makers in the developing world to create capacity and knowledge within the field. Training is arranged in two steps: The first 4.5 weeks takes place in Karlskrona and Stockholm in Sweden while the second phase occurs several months later in another country, examples given here. During the interim period participants are to develop an urban planning project on their own, to be presented in the second phase. Maya ruin in Tikal
Kolkata is the 12th most populated city in the world, situated at a tributary to the Ganges river in the Indian state of West Bengal. The population is mainly Bengali but there are numerous other ethnic groups in this big city. Languages spoken are Bengali, Hindi, English and others. The city is very densely populated, and the city proper has 4,6 million inhabitants while the whole metropolitan area is estimated to have some 15 million people. Read my personal travel story from October 2008 Kolkata trip (a 2.0 MB pdf). 2010 I had the opportunity to visit four of our students in India. Read the Mumbai travel report (1.3 MB)!
Participants in Karlskrona April 2008. Tommy's photo Guatemala is a Central American country with a volcanic mountain region over the rainforested lowlands between the coasts of the Pacific and the Caribbean. The indigenous population is Maya indians supplemented by descendants of Spanish immigrants. Coffee and avocado are the main crops grown.
Uganda, lake Katwe: Salt inundation causes sore hands. Image I Källner Uganda on the equator borders the Lake Victoria which is the source of the Nile running through the country. Nature is rich of rainforest and natural parks cover 1,500 km². There are numerous species of wild animals, in Murchinson Falls and Queen Victoria natural parks we had a glance of elephants, hippos, water buffalos, warthogs, crocodiles and even a leopard. English is an official language and the country is part of the Commonwealth.

Mocambique You can also download my account in Swedish of the trip to Maputo in 2009.

The participants represent some twenty nationalities
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