Gunnar Nyström

Architect Planner

My job

I work as a teacher at the Department of Spatial Planning at the Blekinge Institute of Technology (situated in the Campus Gräsvik in Karlskrona). My main task is teaching the subject of planning to students following the four and a half year programme. Each class has about 40 to 50 students, and we teach through lectures, project exercises, seminars and written tests. The courses are mainly held in the Swedish language, but in the fourth grade we work with visiting students in English.

My initial courses deal with housing in low density as well as in multi-storied buildings. Thereafter students meet the topic of urban renewal. In the second year I teach planning for industry and commerce followed by statutory planning in Sweden. On a higher level I hold a course in Architecture and the Plannning Laboratory which allows experiments and aims at stimulating creativity. Finally I am one of the tutors of Diploma projects which marks the end of the Spatial Planning programme. It is also my responsibility to guide interested students to international exchange studies at institutes abroad, as well as placing guest students at our school.

The Spatial planning unit is around twenty staff.

My Hobbies

I enjoy sailing, skiing and cross-country walking. I like taking pictures. I am the webmaster of Karlshamns kammarkör - a mixed choir. I also hold membership in the national association of Swedish Architects, and various other professional organizations.

Curriculum Vitae

Previously I was employed at the Municipality of Karlshamn as the city architect and head of the Department of Building Permission. Serving as advisor to the Building Council gave me a broad insight into town planning policies and the building needs of various sectors of society. My tasks have included presenting statements on planning permissions, building plans and designs, as well as providing advice on the legal procedures and on the building law. I have presented a number of Detail Development Plans and have worked in project groups for architectural competitions, for our local Environmental Programme as stated in the Agenda 21, and provided official reports on organisational issues within the sector of local planning and housing.

I also provided the drawings for the travel centre of our town, and 1996 I created a programme for the city square restoration. During the time I was responsible for the provision of building permits of our municipality, I supervised an extensive building activity in the core of the town as well as substantial extensions of our local industrial areas and housing areas. My duties as a manager have included staff matters, budget and operational planning, and general representation of the department.

Prior to this occupation I worked with building design and detail development planning in two private consultancies.

Personal Records

  • Born 1949 in Lidköping town of Sweden
  • Higher school examination in Karlshamn, 1968
  • Military service in Göteborg and Karlskrona, 1969-1970
  • Graduation at the Chalmers University College, Architectural Department, 1975
  • Architect at M.A.F. consultancy in Luleå, 1975-79
  • Architect at M. Anderssons architectural firm in Linköping, 1979-1982
  • Town planning architect at the Municipality of Karlshamn, 1982-1986
  • City Architect in Karlshamn, 1987-1995
  • Part time lecturer in the Department of Spatial Planning, University College of Karlskrona/Ronneby, 1992-94
  • Full time lecturer in Spatial Planning since 1995

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